A day of interviews

Today, five fine priests are to be interviewed for the position of team vicar of Swanage and Studland.  We have been anticipating this moment for some months and the whole process has been surrounded with prayer and with discerning thought and discussion.  Having spent some time with them all yesterday, and in communication over the past few weeks in preparation for this moment, let me say that this will be no easy task.  The five met various people yesterday afternoon, and universally those key people in the Church here were left with smiles on their faces.  As someone said, “They are all just lovely.”

Yes, well, that’s good news isn’t it?  Except for the people who will be doing the discerning today, who cannot employ all five.  We have quite a task before us, which we shall undertake joyfully and positively, but I know before we even start that this will not be easy and that we shall be saying goodbye to some fabulous people who will end up serving elsewhere.  Incidentally, the children in St Mark’s School were asked to look at a video assembly - one for each class.  I discovered last night from the children that they wanted to watch more than just ‘their’ one and obviously had great fun learning from several assemblies in the one day.  They too wanted to cling on to more than one.

We have an interesting day ahead.  Your prayers will be most valued!

John Mann