A prayer in anxiety and sadness

It is sad, but inevitable, that we strike a sombre note this morning, as we respond the to call of the archbishops to prayer, on the news that now more than 100,000 people have died in the UK from Covid-19 infection.  For us in Swanage such - not unexpected - news was received at much the same time as we were told of the situation at Wordsworth Care Home in our own town, where 34 out of the 40 residents and more than half the staff have tested positive for the virus.  The operations manager from the home is appealing for the help of temporary staff to relieve the pressure on those who remain fit and well.  

As we absorbed these things last night, I began the Standing Committee meeting of Swanage PCC - held on Zoom - with a prayer that I found from some years ago issued by the Iona Community.  It runs:


Hold in your hands, Lord,

our families and friends;

our neighbours;

those we meet at work

and on the streets;

those whom we worry about

and those who worry for us.

And in these same hands

hold every family - especially those for whom

today has brought new burdens

and fresh sorrows.