A small milestone

I passed a little milestone yesterday, that will have meaning only for me.  It was my 413th blog on this website, but the significance, for yours truly, is that I blogged twice a week on the St Anne’s Cathedral Belfast website until leaving in the summer of 2017, and my last there was my 412th.  So, yesterday, I exceeded that number.  Having not copied any, there are now 825 of these blogs.  I estimate, between three and four hundred thousand words.  

My very first blog was on a visit of the Lord Mayor of Belfast to the Cathedral in November 2013 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis, who was born in the east of the City.  He died on 22nd November 1963.  We had created a large book of blank pages and were inviting anyone in the community of Belfast, or from anywhere, if they happened to be visiting the City, to write a thought in the book.  The mayor had come to do just that.

Maybe these days the writings of C.S. Lewis are much less read than formerly, and the Chronicles of Narnia are dated.   However, many of us can still be moved by the thought of something we have read in, “A Grief Observed”, or “The Screwtape Letters” or “Surprised by Joy” or one or other of several memorable books.  "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" was read to us at school and for all its cultural oddity, even then, it is a cracking good story and lets the mind wander off into realms in which it is good to go - even to the renewal of life from that locked in ice; so much kinder an image than that of Tolkien’s Mordor.

John Mann