a touch of spring?

Frosty mornings, but lovely clear skies

Frosty mornings, but lovely clear skies

One is always a little reluctant to speak of feelings of spring, when the weather in Swanage can turn bitterly cold and the wind slice through the streets and alleys in the ‘lazy’ way that they speak of up north - i.e. not bothering to go round you.  However, hesitatingly, one would say that the birds are singing, and have been since before Christmas, the gardens are greening up, the days are lengthening, and, all in all, mid January, some days, has been more like mid March, even with a sharp morning frost.  It can’t last!

We were watching a fox from the kitchen window make itself comfortable for a snooze in the sun the other day, reminding us of when we had a dog.  First one way and then another it circled the area upon which it was to lie, then it curled itself up as comfortable as anything.  It lay there for some time.

I speak often of the light in Swanage and of the fact that we are blessed with so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  They do occur elsewhere in Britain, of course, but more often here.   This winter light, for it really is still winter, picks out features that we might miss at other times.  Lichens and seedbeds, tiny flowers and the bronze and brown of dead foliage look especially gorgeous in the warm rays of the rising or dying sun.

John Mann