All Things Bright and Beautiful

Liz Robert's lovely artwork for the All Things Bright and Beautiful poster

All Things Bright and Beautiful, our Tuesday afternoon service for those with dementia and memory loss, was well attended again today, and we thought a little (from last Sunday’s Gospel) of the disciples being sent out in pairs, because that is how we were arriving and leaving; supporting one another and caring for one another.

Another aspect of that particular story is that Jesus insisted that his disciples travelled light - no bag, no money, etc. - which began another thought in our minds, as I recalled how Bishop Karen had spoken at the Confirmation Service of those disciples starting with very little, but that that little was enough.

One lady there at ATB&B today articulated her way of going through the day with this thought: just a little prayer here and a little prayer there, always conscious of God’s closeness and protection. It seems that we have carried this Gospel with us for a few days, and that will not do any harm.

The weather continues to be fine and warm and the butterflies are all day in the garden: speckled wood, holly blue, large and small whites, commas, meadow browns, and the occasional red admiral. A comma came and settled on the bird bath at lunch time. It stayed there some time and seemed to be drinking. But, what the whites seem to really like is the lavender. They sit poised on the flower spikes, as if to say, “Come and photograph me”.

Perhaps I will……

John Mann