Another wonderful organ recital

Dr David Hill played a magnificent organ recital last night, and gave value for money, as it lasted for over an hour and a half.  Beginning in some style with a Toccata by Georgi Mushel, the mood changed dramatically for the beautiful Frank Bridge Adagio.  The Bach (Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C BWV 564) that followed caught me out a little with its pauses in the opening phrases, which took a little getting used to, and are repeated later.  But Bach is Bach and it lifted everyone, I felt, as he is inclined to.  


David did warn us in his introduction that there was a piece by Hindemith, but not to expect anything too discordant, and it was really rather beautiful in a strange way, as we listened to his Sonata no 2.  Norman Cocker’s Tuba Tune finished the first half with a happy flourish.  The applause for that came with smiles all round.


There were further contrasts to be heard in the second group of pieces from Cesar Franck’s Pastorale, through the fun of Haydn’s Pieces for Musical Clocks, to the Verset, Offertoire and Sortie of Louis Lefebure-Wely’s L’Organiste modern, but it was Harvey Grace’s Resurgam, that brought us to the edges of our seats, with its powerful sound showing off the depth of the St Mary’s organ.  


Altogether a good evening and enjoyed by an audience of about 80.  Thank you to Simon and all concerned for a remarkable series of organ recitals 2019.  They have been much enjoyed.


John Mann