General Elections and such like

Time will tell.....

My dear wife has forbidden me from making any predictions, be they political or otherwise, in view of the fact that my “putting the world to rights” is almost always spectacularly wrong.  Given the volatile nature of the political landscape of the United Kingdom at the moment I am quite happy for my view to be as vague as you like.  We live in a wait-and-see age that apparently confounds many predictions, not just those with a track record of being out of kilter.


What is fascinating is what motivates the voter to put their cross in the place they do.  Is this going to be a one issue election?  Is it just about Brexit?  Traditionally, British elections usually come down to the economy, one way or another, or so I’m told.  If, in the cold light of a General Election, the ground shifts to its traditional battleground, then the wisdom and reliability of the manifesto promises around the country’s finances may yet swing things.  But which way?


One thing is for certain, the consistent prayer that has been offered for our political representatives over the past few months will not be reduced by the fact of an election.  If anything its intensity will be increased.  So many people’s lives are not insulated by wealth against the volatility of political change, and, Brexit or no Brexit, surely what is vital is the health and welfare of the most vulnerable in our society, meeting the challenge of the climate crisis, and ensuring that opportunity for life to flourish for all people, regardless of their race, gender, abilities, age or religion, is fostered and valued by all.


John Mann