Getting things in order....

The Church clock marks the time of the dying light last night.

We are working towards some new things at the moment and my mind is flitting from one to another, so, let me sort them into order for myself and then, perhaps, they will make some sense to everyone:

St Nicholas’ Studland is having its first “Pimms and Hymns” this coming Sunday with the thought that many people find a “Songs of Praise” format very conducive to worship, especially on a sunny Sunday evening. In fact we all like to sing our favourite hymns and join with others to sing their’s too. Tony Higgins and the whole Studland team including organist, choir and those catering afterwards, is planning this informal session of hymn singing in Church once a month, starting on 22nd April. What a good idea, and in such a stunning Church, that somehow encourages us to sing the praises of God; a place where people have prayed for centuries. Refreshment for the vocal chords will take the form of a glass of Pimms afterwards. This is really not to be missed! Why not come along and enjoy what promises to be a very enjoyable hour.”

Having tempted you with that one, let me give you another option! St Mary’s has Choral Evensong every Sunday night at 6.30 p.m. - fifty-two weeks of the year. But, there is to be a change: On the first Sunday of the month, starting on Sunday 6th May, we are broadening this out to invite singers from all over the Isle of Purbeck, and further afield if you like, to come and sing with the choir in all the choral settings with us. We will start at 4.00 p.m. with a rehearsal, then have a cup of tea, and be ready for the service to begin at 6.30 p.m. Simon Lole is publicising this widely already and more information about what music is appointed for the first of these services is available.

Then there is All Things Bright and Beautiful starting on Tuesday 1st May; a short service in St Mary’s beginning at 2.30 p.m. designed especially for those experiencing memory loss, but actually for anyone who would like to come along and support those with dementia; with tea and activities afterwards. This is to be held every week from that date. More details may be found under “News and Events” on this website.

Speaking of all things bright and beautiful, we had a pretty stunning day in Swanage yesterday, didn’t we? Warmth, sunshine; visitors and locals wreathed in smiles; bare arms, bare legs, bare chests; light sparkling on the sea; the sand covered in bodies of all sizes and ages, the water swishing back and forth. Out walking, Helen said to an elderly man with two dogs, “It’s just gorgeous isn’t it!” His finger went swiftly to his lips as he uttered, “Shush, shush…. it’ll go and not come back….!”

John Mann