He's up! He's out! He's still about!

The eye-catching cleverness of some wayside pulpit posters, that some churches excel in producing, is worth handing on, and, by way of a good example, a Church in Guildford has the following on a board outside: He’s up! He’s out! He’s still about!  For a contemporary description of the resurrection one has to commend the author for a great deal of snappy inventiveness.

Naturally, we can overdo the putting-into-advertising-speak approach, and maybe also the effectiveness of such a caption is dependent upon a fair degree of prior knowledge.  But, then again, I recall a Church Army evangelist, at a diocesan conference in Ireland some years ago, suggesting to the clergy present, that the people most likely to be attracted into church are those who have had some contact in the past, but have stopped attending. Such a person may be attracted back to Church by the sparkle of a fresh way of putting things.  

But, in the end, words are just words.  It is what we are to people that make the difference.  That is part of the challenge in the readings of these days of the Easter season, and through into Pentecost: the disciples were forming new relationships and learning from the ways of Jesus before he was taken from them, not forgetting that following his resurrection, Jesus wasn’t gone.  As the Church declares, one way or another, during this season: He’s up! He’s out! He’s still about!

John Mann