Holy Week and Easter TV programmes from St Mary's

The week before last St Mary’s hosted a series of television recordings for the Christian Broadcast Company TBNUK TV.  Simon Lole had organised this under his “Sacred Harmony” series.  For these programmes TBN have gone a little further with forming them into devotional pieces, as well as maintaining something of the format of interviews about music and its place in worship, including examples of choral works to illustrate the discussions.  In addition, there are readings undertaken by members of other churches in Swanage, and also some meditations and prayers as well.  

The programmes reflect the different moods of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day, and will feature not only St Mary’s Church and its grounds, but views of Swanage and Durlston Castle and estate as well.  Visually, I am sure they will be stunning, and the music is wonderful.  So, do tune in:


Sacred Harmony: Maundy Thursday 

Thursday 1st April at 9am, 3:05pm, and 8pm.


Sacred Harmony: Good Friday 

Friday 2nd April at 9am, 3:05pm, and 8pm.


Sacred Harmony: Easter Sunday

Sunday 4th April at 8:30am, 12pm, 5:30pm, and 9:30pm.


Airing on TBNUK: Freeview 65 and Sky 582, also available to watch live through our website: https://watch.tbnuk.tv or through our App (TBNUK)

Once it airs on the channel it will be available online at: https://watch.tbnuk.tv