Lady's tresses orchid

A few scattered spikes of autumn lady’s tresses orchids have been seen in St Mary’s Church grounds.  It is a very un-showy flower and so easily missed, but there are eager watchers for it each year, and like others of the orchid family, it doesn’t perform to order, some years are much better than others.  


The website “Plantlife” describes it thus:

A stunning, delicate orchid, whose individual white blooms grow in a near-perfect spiral and are tightly packed against one another round the short stem. This slender plant can be difficult to spot and to make this more tricky, its flowering time can vary from one year to the next. The leaves at the base die back before the flowers appear. Each flower has a green-centred lip with a frilly white edge. It is reported to have the scent of coconut.


Do have a close look before the grass is cut again.  It is a little treasure that we look forward to seeing each year.


John Mann