Landslips and pebbles

Swanage beach from the north

We have had some beautiful days in Swanage recently, but some very wet ones too.  Along from the beach huts walking northwards along the beach the land is gradually falling into the sea, and some areas are marked with coastguard security tape to keep us away.  Presumably these are the sections thought to be most vulnerable to further erosion.


The beach, on the other hand, just a few metres below was glistening in the sun on Saturday afternoon, as Helen and I walked there, with some other happy souls, both visitors and locals.  Looking back towards the main part of town the light on the sea and the wet pebbles was particularly fine.  In Swanage we are used to seeing the sea in changing mood, but we never tire of different shades of colour and the quality of the glow of sunshine and moonlight upon it, even brightness seen under a cloudy sky is often beautiful.  One runs out of adjectives.  Sometimes it is milky, often it is glinting, frequently the shade is nearer green or grey than blue, though it can be intensely that too, but brilliant white spray and the darkness that it can accentuate are also quite mesmerising.


It is little wonder that from the youngest child bouncing along the sand to the oldest determined visitor on a stick or walking frame, we are blessed with so many visitors to our special seaside town.


John Mann