Living in Love and Faith Course

With nearly twenty at Monday’s first session of Living in Love and Faith and almost thirty registered for Wednesday’s course, and a good mix of parishioners across the churches taking part, the response to the invitation to look again at human relations and sexuality in the context of Christian belief is encouraging.

Gently easing into the sessions, we heard and watched individuals and couples declare what living in love and faith meant to them, and we thought about the pastoral problems that can assail relationships and attitudes within and between Christian understandings of how women and men live together and relate to one another.  

A slight hiccup has occurred in that the course books have not yet arrived, but should be with us today or tomorrow and can be distributed immediately to those registered to be taking part.  It is still possible for others to join, but please do so as soon as possible, as each session builds on the ones before and it means that Solveig and Margaret, who are facilitating the sessions, will not need to recap too much from week to week.

John Mann