Looking forward to May

Looking forward to May

How is it that another month has past and here we are ready to step into May?  The flow of the year is speeding up - or so it seems - and the the days pass as the flowers of the field spring up and die down; blossom whitens the hedgerows and then goes to leave them green and luxuriant, harbouring insects and birds and creatures of many kinds. 

Anticipation, as the dawn chorus reminds us each day of the expectations that nature possesses, with its energy for reproduction and expansion, brings the cusp of this very special month of May into focus.  Now in field and garden, in the sky and on the land, there is so much to see and hear and enjoy, that the days are simply not long enough to take it all in. 

At the back of our minds though is the reality of using the time to be ready for what is yet to come at less opulent times.  So repairs to the west gable of St Mary’s Church are with thoughts of how we can prevent further water ingress; repairs to a flat roof at All Saints’ - to solve an on-going problem of a leak - and with concerns about damp damaging a text from the psalms high up on the wall in St Nicholas’.  All need to be considered carefully and experts employed to put problems right. 

In the garden too, though I always think when May is reached major work will have to wait until the autumn, nevertheless I can transform things in my mind; improve this bed or that area; attack an overgrown and invasive mass of vegetation.  The cusp of this coming month is reflective of such thoughts, as its wonders unfold and we stand and stare at the majesty of God’s world.

John Mann