Low tide, dusk and a murmuration of starlings


The very low tides that we are experiencing in Swanage at the moment are allowing people to walk right around the ends of groynes and the banjo pier, and even managing to cross the outflow of the brook at the Mowlem as it spills and widens across the sand.  The lower shore seaweeds are exposed around the pier, and foreshore between the sailing club and Peveril Point.  As late afternoon walkers are taking their exercise at the time of low tide, we are able to spread out well, and social distancing, which most people seem to be taking more seriously again now, is much easier too.

Low tide, dusk, and what one might hope for - a murmuration of starlings - coming together, does make for a wonderful ending of the day, and the weather looks set for it to be stunning this afternoon. As to the starlings, I was told yesterday, having failed to see them in Studland, that a small murmuration is gathering each evening above Hoburne Park and Mariner’s Drive.  I thought I spotted something in the distance on Wednesday evening, but confirmed it yesterday.  They are roosting in that area, and best seen about 4.15 p.m.  If in the town, looking up from Gilbert Road, above the station they will be visible against the sky.

John Mann