Mary Sumner

The founder of the Mothers’ Union is commemorated this day.  Mary Sumner, who died on 9th August 1921 began in a small way with mothers from the parish of which her husband was rector.  By the time of her death the Mothers’ Union had become an organisation with branches across the world, it is socially conscious and very strongly represented in the African churches and elsewhere today. 

To commemorate Mary Sumner is, of course, to remember what an important organisation it is that she founded, but whilst we acknowledge that she is on our minds today because of this, she, like many other individuals that have left the legacy of a thriving organisation, was a person whose success relied upon her faith and the determined belief that human beings could improve the lot of those less fortunate than themselves.  Education, a passion for social justice, a pulling from the eyes of what veils people from seeing the misfortune or disadvantage of others, are all matters of extreme importance in a world where resources are so ill-divided.  Today is a day for the campaigners of 2019 to be encouraged by one woman whose enthusiasm and energy was rewarded.

John Mann