Mind the Gap

“Mind the Gap” is a familiar instruction to train travellers.  That step between the carriage, that can move and arrive and depart, that finds itself at slightly different heights and spaces from a static platform, is one that is sometimes a lot easier than others, especially if we are burdened with suitcase, child or wheelchair.  


Gaps have been on my mind these past few days as on-line activity, which at one time filled the gaps between real activity, has for a while provided the majority of my, and many others, daily work.  The gaps that have been established in these strange times are different, and have become vitally important: that one walk for exercise and the shopping for essentials.  I think of the train’s arrival and departure too, and what is happening while we take the steps that for many of us are small and insignificant, but for others difficult and traumatic. 


Today, we contemplate in the depth of our being, the reality of the Resurrection; Christ rising to life and appearing to his closest friends, before he is proclaimed alive to the whole world.  Many Christians step lightly across a gap of credulity that others may see us as doing just that; we are credulous, having too great a readiness to believe, they may say with a smile.  But think.  What is this Easter faith we proclaim with such joy today? It is where we know ourselves; it is where we are at peace in our hearts; the peace that only Christ can give. For the gap between death and life, between the crucifixion and the empty tomb, between Good Friday and Easter, is one that we cross with our hand in the hand of he who crossed it before us.  He is the one whose Spirit is placing the truth within us; praying in us; filling us with life and light and love.  


Mary Magdalene crossed more than one gap in her life, as do we all.  We see her in the garden today, listen to her words, shed tears with her, and know the way she stepped.  She heard her name and knew and believed.  Listen for yours today.  Christ calls us to an Easter faith that knows that he is risen.  We are one in that place today.  Step across the gap from death to life and dwell in the Light of Christ for eternity.

A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you all.  Alelluia!

John Mann