New website, new blog

For three and a half years I wrote a twice-weekly blog for the St Anne’s Cathedral website.


In it I reflected on things that were happening in the cathedral, and anything else that took my fancy from a few lines of poetry to some amazing sight in nature, a little news from the garden, a reflection on something I am reading, theological or otherwise, or a contemporary issue or topical matter that we might all have on our minds; maybe even a random thought from nowhere. It is all a bit self- indulgent, I know, but that is in the nature of a blog.

With a new website being launched for the team of parishes it seemed like a good idea to have a crack at writing twice weekly once more. I’ll try and include a picture too with most entries, though it’s not always possible to find something that fits with what I would like to say. 

I hope that you like the look of the website and can find your way around it. We have someone in each church who is taking a special interest in their ‘bit’: Claire Head in All Saints’, Marion Marchant in St Mark’s, Andrew King in St Mary’s and Tony Higgins in St Nicholas’. If you have comments, I would be grateful if you could feed them through one of them, and then we can discuss what to do to improve things. It is work in progress! 

I am planning that my blog will appear on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, watch this space! In the meantime I’m enjoying toasting myself in front of a log fire, tapping away on a laptop and thinking of things to write about in blogs to come……

John Mann