Our bishops remembered in prayer

On everyday day, in a cycle of prayer that is used throughout the Anglican world, one or two dioceses and their bishops are remembered for prayer.

Today it is Salisbury, and Bishops Nicholas, Karen and Andrew. This is an opportunity to give thanks for their ministry and care for us all, and a reminder of the heavy burden of leadership that they carry.

On other days familiar names and familiar places come up in the cycle of prayer. Two for me from Ireland were on separate days just last week: the Bishop of Down and Dromore and the Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough. The pause and moment of reflection upon them, and the places that they serve, is always good to hold. Occasionally we hear of places that resonate with us because we know them for some other reason.

Perhaps it is somewhere that has been at some time in the news, as a result of disaster or big event; maybe it is a holiday destination, or simply somewhere well-known, albeit across the world. Anyway, today everyone, across the Anglican Communion, will be focused on us in Salisbury Diocese, and will give thanks for our bishops, as we do too.

John Mann