Music is being promoted as one of things that is helping people through the lockdown, even though, in the natural course of things, it is one of aspects of life that brings people together, as we sing and play instruments, and even listen to concerts in close proximity with one another.  But listening to music, and individual music making, is a benefit as we seek things that are familiar and comforting, as well as bringing us together in a general appreciation of what others are enjoying at the same time.  Simon Lole has brought us some wonderful music on line, and we are enjoying too his “Sacred Harmonies” programmes on TBNUK - three programmes are now available on its catch-up facility.  

Taking out my violin for some practice yesterday, I pondered as I often do, over the old instrument and how a series of people played it for a hundred years or more before I was given it by my parents, and I have now played it for fifty years, had it repaired three times, bought a new case for it twice, and one day, provided it doesn’t get broken, someone else will play it.  Music is also part of something we hold, enjoy, and pass on.  Most of us influence the music we play very little and so it is also a transient experience, that is all the more wonderful for being so immediate.

The people of Israel were getting very used to transition as they wandered in the wilderness.  We read today at Morning Prayer (Numbers 9: 15-end; 10: 33-end) of how this wandering was being directed by God, whose presence was known by a cloud by day and fire by night.  If the cloud remained static over the tabernacle and tent of the testimony, then the people remained where they were, “whether it was two days, or a month, or a longer time.”

During days when we are itching to get on with things and see others so busy they are at the point of exhaustion, there is a reminder that patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit, as listed in Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23.  Deep breaths, counting to ten, kettle on for a cup of coffee, a brisk walk, however we may try and find the patience we lack, we can also try sitting back and relaxing with some music; listening or playing.  

Mind you, to be back singing hymns together in Church will be wonderful…….

Patience! Let us pray today for a little more!

John Mann