Phone or Zoom? A question for our day

We have three cordless phones at the rectory and such was the volume of calls yesterday that I managed to run two of them out of charge and was on the third before the end of the day.  Mind you, one of the calls was to Government Work and Pensions - I become a state pensioner next week - and, I was in a queue for so long, it was on speaker phone while I was searching theological books for a particular reference for someone for half an hour before a I got an answer.  And, I will probably have to ring back as well, as my question has not been answered.  

I am not sure what is the most irritating part of sitting in these queues.  I think that it is probably the young man who breaks into the quite pleasant music every 30 seconds and suggests that I might like to ring off and “try again later", or go on line and fill out the form, that is “quick, safe and for most people takes just seven minutes”.  I told the him across the room, from where I was searching the bookshelves, that I had done both of these things and that is why I was hanging on, though, of course, he kept up his mantra every half minute.  But I did eventually get a very pleasant young woman who explained that the system she needed to access to answer my question was, “down at the moment.”   I shall try another day.

Reverting to zoom was quite pleasant after this, though I usually find that it is the other way around.  Zoom first and phone later is generally the way I manage my way through this extraordinary period of life in lockdown.  The good news is that St Nicholas’, St Mark’s and All Saints’ are all starting back to actual services on Palm Sunday.  So we shall be in all of our churches for Easter.  Restrictions will be in place, of course, and we shall be very careful.  But, unlike last year, we shall not be seeing our church buildings with locked doors on Easter Day.  That thought suddenly makes me quite emotional …..

John Mann