Praying Together - Lent 2019

Cover picture of this year's Salisbury Diocese Lent prayer guide

The little Lent booklets Praying Together - Lent 2019 - have disappeared in large numbers from the churches and have also been distributed to those who are house-bound, which is all good news.  The picture on the cover could have been taken anywhere along our beautiful coastline, and captures land, sea and sky, as we so often see it with the light reflecting on the water.  I hope that you are finding the daily thoughts useful.


Today, Tony Monds, Chaplain to Bishop Nicholas, reflects on the unexpected phone call - he had one from the Archbishop of Canterbury - and asks us to think of the person that we find ourselves in an instant relating to, as a “much loved sister or brother in God’s family.”  This is a rather lovely thought with which to begin the day.


He bases his reflection on some words from St Luke, where people are speculating as to the nature and person of John the Baptist.  His prayer for the day too is concerned with how we look upon one another.  Here in a few words is what he asks us to carry in our hearts today:


“Loving Father, you look upon us through eyes of love.  Help me to look on those whom I encounter today as you look on me.”


John Mann