Reverting to a twice-a-week Blog

I have decided that the time has come to revert to a twice-a-week blog once again as another small stage in returning to normal, so, roughly on Tuesdays and Fridays something shall appear, and I shall remove the link from the Homepage of the website.  Thank you for reading my rambles, which are still all available, and will continue to be available, under ‘blog’ from the tab at the top right-hand corner of the Homepage of this website.

Another, and rather more important, step is the restoration of communion services in all of the churches.  This looks like being a phased process, as churchwardens consider the risk assessments, and we trial how it is best managed in each building, bearing in mind that we shall be receiving in one kind - i.e. just the bread - as instructed by the Bishop.  This saves the complications of attempting to share wine from a common cup, which would clearly not be possible at the moment - and perhaps not for some time to come.

Singing remains the other most pressing matter, and we eagerly await the results of various scientific trials, that are gauging the dangers to health of potential transmission of the virus as a result of the projection of the voice, and in singing generally.  At the moment, as we are all aware, it is not allowed.

May I complete this round up of our present state of planning, by once again thanking the churchwardens and those who have assisted them in maintaining their regime of cleaning of the churches each day, preparing for the use of each of the churches for private prayer daily, and for worship on Sundays.  This has been, and continues to be a very significant and time-consuming piece of work.  Thank you!

See you again on Friday!

John Mann