Swifts Away

Swifts away

It has reached that point of the Summer when the swifts are disappearing, in fact they have been much more scarce over the past ten or twelve days, but before that were here in some numbers - and what a difference that makes to Swanage, which is such a good home to them.  There seem to have been more this year than last.  They have been constantly in the area from the Post Office, Station and up to St Edward’s Church; another colony has been up at Ulwell; and, our most obvious one situated around St Mary’s Church, the Mill Pond and its cottages, and further up Church Hill, near the Cross and Arkwrights. 

Helen and I were told earlier in the year, by those who organise nature walks, that behind the Red Lion pub was the most reliable place to see them.  They ended their walks there, and it seemed a popular final destination.  It may just have had more to do with beer than birds, but who am I to say?  Anyway for their screech and scimitar-like flight we shall have to wait until the beginning of May 2020, as the swifts return and the tower of St Mary’s is once again circled in their wheeling flight. 

John Mann