The Churches and arrangements and plans for the Summer

St Nicholas' - our smallest Church, but also the one with the most weddings.

St Nicholas' - our smallest Church, but also the one with the most weddings.

The weather forecast for today and the week ahead predicts some sunny and warm days for us and, even in these very strange times, there is a feeling of holidays coming on.  The pattern of Church life, however, is rather complex at the moment as we attempt to juggle both services in Church and services on line at the same time.  The likelihood is that we shall maintain both for the months of July and August anyway, and look at things afresh for September.  That is if things stay as they are - which they may not.

There seems to be a natural split between what can be achieved in the larger churches of St Mary’s and All Saints’ and what can be managed in St Mark’s and St Nicholas’.  There is space enough to organise services of Holy Communion, which has already been held in All Saints’ and this Sunday will be managed in St Mary’s too, where communicants can leave their seats and return to them without passing one another.  In the smaller churches this is much more difficult, and the decision is that for July and August anyway we shall probably keep the services simple and non-Eucharistic.   

The relaxation of the regulations over weddings mean that we can have some weddings in our churches soon and, in fact, there will be at least three in September.  So that is another step forward.  Several are being postponed until next year, and we are trying to be as understanding as possible and accommodating couples where we can.  We all feel for them in having their special day moved.

So, these extraordinary days continue, and we pray daily for those who are suffering in all kinds of ways as a result of the virus and the knock-on effects on family life, jobs and the health of individuals, especially the most vulnerable.  I hope that you are all managing and keeping safe and well.

John Mann