The wind blows in a new day

After days of stillness, to wake this morning to the sound of the wind, reminded me of our Lord’s words to Nicodemus of the Spirit as the wind: we recognise its effects, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going.  The creaks of the house in the silence, with the occasional clatter of something moving or falling outside; the tapping of a rope against a mast, and the constant rustling of bushes and trees, reminds us that not every day is the same, nor hour even, though it make look that way.


Today in Morning Prayer we read from Exodus of the Passover, and the Hebrew people preparing with sandals on their feet and staff in hand ready for moving to a new place.  One can imagine the wind blowing, as it is in Swanage this morning, helping them on their way.  The disciples, in Jerusalem, the day after the first Easter Day, would have woken to new thoughts and dreams too.  Like them, the thought that Christ is risen we carry in our hearts and minds today.  I feel another singing of the Easter hymns coming on!  Alelluia!


John Mann