Tuesday of Easter Week

Plenty of signs of Spring, even though it's cold and damp!

A damp and cool Easter with some dry weather, but the picture of Swanage visitors with hats and gloves on and coats done up to their necks is the abiding memory. That, and the sadness over the accident on the seafront, and the death of a man from Swanage, whose name remains unknown as I write this blog. We shall be praying at 8.00 a.m.

The rectory garden received a little attention yesterday after the rain stopped, and, having decided where runner beans and sweet peas are going this year, I extracted my bean poles from the garage and started to erect them. The ground isn’t as well prepared as I would like, and certainly not as the textbooks recommend, but I expect that we will get something. Double digging a trench for the runner beans brought up some interesting glass bottles and the broken remains of a delicate and beautiful china tea-cup. I imagine that they have been lying there for at least fifty years.

Today things will return to normal after the bank holiday and the Parish Office will be catching up after the busyness of the past couple of weeks when there was so much to do to prepare for the services in Holy Week and over Easter. Many thanks to the many who did so much to welcome visitors and, through decoration and cleaning, or music, or word, or refreshments, or work with children and adults, helped to make the liturgical cycle from Palm Sunday to Easter Day so meaningful for us all.

John Mann