War, Faith and Reconciliation

Tomorrow's 6th Form Conference

Tomorrow there is to be an important 6th Form Conference to be held in Salisbury Cathedral. It is linked by date to these days of Remembrance leading up to Sunday’s commemoration of those who lost their lives in conflict, and the centenary of the end of the First World War, which will take more of the form of a celebration.

Gathering young people together, to discuss the underlying cultural, religious and political tensions in the world today, will bring a very contemporary focus to this conference. So, whilst we will meet in the atmosphere of Remembrance, we shall listen and engage with the situation of the world in 2018. In this lies its importance for all of us, as respectful silence and thanksgiving is the foundation upon which we seek to learn and act for the future.

One of the fascinating points of debate is going to centre upon the place of the Church in reconciliation, when religion has played, and still does play, a role in division and political ideology. The Church in Ireland, for example has been seen as both, “part of the problem and part of the solution”. That, in itself, will present us with much food for thought, as we reason together in Salisbury.

John Mann