What a morning for ice

What a morning for ice! I couldn’t reach the Church for Morning Prayer until I had cleared a path-way across the road with salt and spade to hand, inching a safe route. But people always come together in adversity and, in the snow and ice, help with a steadying arm or a shovel.

Plenty of young people and children were enjoying it though, with a natural slide on the St Mary’s Church driveway being bodily polished by Naomi and Ronan and Micah, whilst Nick and I chatted, as one does, in the unusual Swanage snow. They had made a lovely little snowman too that had gone by teatime as the rain swept in and the thaw began. I got a photo!

There was plenty of amusement too, as when a couple of visiting walkers took the safest route down Church Hill on their waterproofed behinds; makeshift sledges, the professional looking wooden article and and piece of flat plastic were all employed in the speeding of progress downhill, and laughter was in the air. Getting back up was quite another matter, but a little trail of salt gave safe passage: as a woman called to me across the road (sound travels so well in the quiet of snow and ice) “Some man has made a path - bless him!”

So it is that we experienced snow for the first time in Dorset! Pretty wasn’t it!

John Mann