'All Things Bright and Beautiful' starts 1st May

A service for all - a chance to share - a moment of worship - and there for you every week!


St Mary's is to be the venue for this new weekday service that we hope many people will feel welcome to attend.  We are starting from the point of wanting to support those with some degree of dementia, but our thoughts and plans are wide enough to include young pre-school families on their way to pick up older children (you'll be away by 3.00 p.m. if you need to be), those who are feeling lonely in the week and would like a short and familiar church service with familiar hymns, and just anyone who would like to be part of this fresh expression of worship.

Also, there is tea and activities afterwards - but don't feel that you have to stay for that - and the service will be reasonably informal; structured, with well-known prayers, but conducted seated on chairs in an open space before the chancel steps.

We are calling it All Things Bright and Beautiful, not just for the sake of a familiar and lovely name, but because that is what we recall as being in the nature of the God we worship and adore; light and beauty and life.  Through Christ and in Christ, let us share in the beauty of holiness, in song and prayer and in a happy coming together of friends, some old, some new.  I look forward to this new point in the week, and hope you do too!

John Mann