An appeal from Besom

Besom in Purbeck – Help needed!

Dear Friends

As you will know we have been functioning at a very reduced level since lockdown - our last rather sad meeting which actually included a full morning of deliveries, collections and prayers together, was on Thursday March 19th. I immediately put a message out to inform people that we would be doing essential deliveries only. Since that time, we have actually been quite busy! We received referrals from Social Workers and Domestic Violence Support Workers and furnished at least four flats from scratch for people being re-homed from B&B, residential care and caravans – everything from televisions to teaspoons. Also, individual deliveries such as cookers, fridges, televisions and assisted with gardening and someone moving. It has not been easy - trying to move items within a safe environment, has not been a simple task!

We are now getting short of items! We have been blessed already with members of our congregations who have come to our rescue with furniture they had offered before lockdown - we have collected these and distributed. What we really need quite urgently now are the following:

Kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons, tin openers, graters, colanders, small casserole dishes (with lids or without) saucepans, serving spoons etc. Larger kitchen items such as toasters, microwaves and kettles. We have plenty of knives, forks and spoons and crockery. We also need pillows

We would be so grateful for any offers and Paul will be at the Besom store next Tuesday morning (23rd June) between 10-11am. Address: 4 Anvil Centre, Prospect Business Park, Victoria Ave. 

Just before the gate of the recycling Centre turn right by The Office Café, immediately right, and then right again - we are located in the corner of the right. If you cannot leave home please let me know (01929 423372) and we can organise collection, but please no big items at the moment.

Thank you!