Anticipating Spring Harvest 2018

Picnicking on the first day of Spring Harvest 2017. Will the sun shine again this year?!

On 8 April, seventy-five of us from All Saints (and another twenty-five friends and relations) will be off to Butlins at Minehead for five days of fellowship, friendship, teaching, learning, worship and fun! We’re off to Spring Harvest (along with thousands of others). If you’ve never been it’s exhilarating and exciting and exhausting and inspiring.

A few quotes from those who went to Spring Harvest last year:

'For us, this has been a story of God’s grace though the week…We have come back with a renewed enthusiasm for sharing the gospel, with ideas for ourselves and for our church…. and with challenges to which we must rise.'

‘We were so blessed by the worship, teaching and being among such a huge company of beleibvers. It was a foretaste of heaven....It was especially good for us to see our grandchildren coming back from their groups wide eyed from having prayed for the sick and been prayed for prophetically by others. They will never forget what they experienced.'

'One week at Spring Harvest has been amazing. Spending time together with the family away. My son gave his life to the Lord which was amazing.'

'Spring Harvest gave me a sense of reconnecting with God…..I was able to worship wholeheartedly and I learned a lot from many excellent teachers…..I feel refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated from our time at Spring Harvest.’

So we’re really looking forward to see what the Holy Spirit does at Spring Harvest this year!

Watch this space and you'll read about Spring Harvest 2018 when we get back.

Andrew Corke

A few more happy Spring Harvesters!