Candles and bells mark the beginning of 11 days of Remembrance

Poppy crosses planted in the central lawn of St Mary's Church

The Royal British Legion in Swanage is inviting everyone to mark the beginning of 11 days of Remembrance in the town, with lanterns and candles, at St Mary's Church at 7.45 p.m. on Thursday 1st November. The church bells will be ringing half-muffled, but at 8.00 p.m. the peal of bells will stop and the tenor bell (the heaviest) will be tolled 100 times in five groups of 20, so we do not lose track as names of the fallen are read. These 100 tolls of the bell mark the loss of 99 lives from Swanage in the First World War, and one for the single Victoria Cross that was awarded.

In addition to the candles and bells, during the day, 99 metal poppies that have been specially made will be placed in the grass along the river below the church.  Poppy crosses are already being planted in the central lawn.