"Come and Sing" Choral Evensong 3rd June

St Mary's, venue for "Come and Sing" Choral Evensong on 3rd June


An invitation from Simon Lole:

On the first Sunday of June, - Sunday 3rd – we are going to have the second of what is a new initiative at St. Mary’s Church in Swanage by having an “Open” Choral Evensong (on 6th May the choir and congregation was doubled and we all enjoyed the occasion very much).

I am aware that there are a good number of singers in the local deaneries who love to sing choral evensong, but who are either church members at churches that don’t sing evensong, or they are people who can’t make a regular commitment. So we want to extend an open invitation to singers to come and join us for a short rehearsal and Evensong.

Please arrive at 4.00 p.m. for a rehearsal.  We shall have a break and a cup of tea, before Choral Evensong begins at 6.30 p.m.