'Come & Sing' alternative service

Above are a few pictures taken by Chris Phillips from the last 'Come & Sing' service at St Mary's.

Above are a few pictures taken by Chris Phillips from the last 'Come & Sing' service at St Mary's.

Below are the links to Simon's videos from last Sunday:


1 Glory be to Jesus,

who, in bitter pains

poured for me the lifeblood

from his sacred veins!


2 Grace and life eternal

in that blood I stand;

blest be his compassion,

infinitely kind.


3 Blest thro' endless ages

be the precious stream

which from endless torments

did the world redeem.


4 Abel's blood for vengeance

pleaded to the skies;

but the blood of Jesus

for our pardon cries.


5 Oft as it is sprinkled

on our guilty hearts,

Satan in confusion

terror-struck departs.


6 Oft as earth exulting

wafts its praise on high,

angel hosts rejoicing

make their glad reply.


7 Lift we, then, our voices,

swell the mighty flood,

louder still and louder

praise the precious blood!



My song is love unknown,

My Saviour’s love to me;

Love to the loveless shown,

That they might lovely be.

O who am I,

That for my sake

My Lord should take

Frail flesh, and die?


He came from His blest throne

Salvation to bestow;

But men made strange, and none

The longed-for Christ would know:

But oh, my Friend,

My Friend indeed,

Who at my need

His life did spend.


Sometimes they strew His way,

And His sweet praises sing;

Resounding all the day

Hosannas to their King:

Then “Crucify!”

Is all their breath,

And for His death

They thirst and cry.


They rise and needs will have

My dear Lord made away;

A murderer they save,

The Prince of life they slay.

Yet cheerful He

To suffering goes,

That He His foes

From thence might free.


Here might I stay and sing,

No story so divine;

Never was love, dear King,

Never was grief like Thine.

This is my Friend,

In whose sweet praise

I all my days

Could gladly spend.