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Leaf Peeping!

Leaf Peeping!

“We move on to the “serious leafs peeping” which occurred in two venues either side of the Kancomagus Highway, a 37 mile leisurely journey with lots of places to stop and gasp. Being about 4000ft up one could see the definition of colourful deciduous trees at the lowest level fading in bands until they stopped at the snow line. They were already getting ready for the skiing season which is massive here. The mountains are slit by ice age boulders forming vertical gorges down which the water cascades.

 The pretty town of Naples rests by a lake, and on the lake bobbed a Cessna 180 sea plane. This was to be John’s treat, something as yet un experienced. Fine weather, throttle wide and we were zooming low over the lake and then a climb out to more spectacular views. Just the pilot and we two allowed a really comprehensive commentary as well as answering the technical questions. We return, cramming on the flaps, watching out for speeding boats and alight with surprising gentleness. Been there, done that....and bought the tee shirt.

 A last reflection, bizarre and hilarious. We stayed in a 6 room B and B, however we were the only residents. As we were on the veranda enjoying a drink, Mike, the proprietor popped out and said, “by the way, Patty and I are going out to supper with friends, so please don’t lock the door.” “So we are in charge?” We enquired, “we could have a party!” Mike smiled and simply said in his New England Drawl, “What ever”.  The house didn’t burn down, but we laughed all evening as we enjoyed our take away supper.”

 With blessings

John and Jane