Crib Service - Christmas Eve at 4.00 p.m. - St Mary's Church

Crib Service picture from a previous year

4.00 p.m. Christmas Eve - Crib Service - St Mary’s Church, Swanage


The crib service is a special place for children to be on Christmas Eve.  Just when we are all at our most excited, with the anticipation of Christmas Day only a few hours away, we re-tell the story of the first Christmas, with children dressed up as the holy family and angels and shepherds and kings, and a young baby is chosen to be Jesus in the manger.  There are live animals for the children to see and touch.  We hope that there will be some lambs, and maybe a calf, and we have been promised a donkey this year too.  So do not miss this wonderful service, that lasts about half an hour.  If your child would like to take part, just come in good time and we shall have costumes to hand ready for another angel or shepherd.