David Nunn gives us a film for Easter!

In this special programme, David explores the climax to the week’s tumultuous events.   We relive the events that were to transform the grief and despair of the friends of Jesus to an outlook of unutterable JOY!   And we consider the significance of the day’s events, not only for them but also for US!
The PREFACE for the play could be:
In this, David’s play for Easter, we explore great dramas from the arrest of Jesus to his Resurrection Appearances to his friends.  The  play was first performed in Swanage three years ago - this is the radio adaptation of it.  So sit back, relax, ...and let your imagination take you back to these momentous days!  ‘…it’s gripping indeed!  Stunning insights into the emotions of all involved in this great drama.  The audience were spellbound throughout!’