Environmental Poems contributed by Swanage Schools for the Civic Service

Contributed by St Mark's (CofE) Primary School:

Help they cry!
By Tilly – Year 4; Sophie & Cerys – Year 5

Please go plastic free

Cry the animals from the sea

Turtles, seals, whales – all suffering

Wriggling, squirming and rustling

Through the plastic – thats all our fault

Humans are responsible for this assault!


It’s only now we see their pain

Of an invention we thought we would gain

Straws, bags and so much more ...

Float in our seas, hurting our Earth to its core

Litter-picking our beaches to keep them alive

It is our job to let them thrive!


Now is the time to challenge the world,

Before the future becomes too furled,

Together with small changes our Earth will heal

With our huge heart passion and guilt, we all now feel

Say no to the straw and the plastic bag

Save our Oceans and animals from being sad.


Contributed by The Swanage School:

Metal Predators

Herbie Angel

Cold as ice and warm as fire

Cold as fire, warm as ice

When cold is cold the air is warm.

Pain, pleasure. Ignorance, hatred,

Save our sanctuary; it's not ours

We owe it to our greed, not our love.

There is no hyperbole in the pain pollution and power we use,

Polluting the paradise; neglecting the nature, loathing the love.

Polar bears, rhinos, pandas and apes

Staring into the jaws of decay.

Last moments of fear, fear the machinery; 

machinery built for destruction.

Fear of the clouds of death blanketing the earth.

The homes that they have and the creatures they love,

Hunted by predators not hunting for prey but destruction.

Metal predators. Built for destruction.

A plague of grey on our green earth. 



Contributed by St Mary's (RC) Primary School:


It starts with one….


It starts with one planet – one life,

With one realisation, one light bulb moment,

With one person who loves and respects,

With one friend, one world leader,

With one conversation, one team, one action

With one wish for a better future.


Preserving one rainforest, planting one tree,

Protecting one orang-utan, releasing one rhino,

Providing one village pump, saving one ice cap,

Taking one stride, sharing one car.

One lifetime together – 

Caring for our common home.