Explore - Junior Church - met on Zoom for Candlemas


Today (31st January - for Candlemas) at Junior Church we thought about what it is like to wait for something. Some of us are not very patient (we might only wait 1 or 2 seconds for something we really want, like chocolate) It was pretty surprising to hear that Simeon waited his whole life to see Jesus. We pondered how Simeon recognised baby Jesus for who he was. Some of us thought he must have been very wise to see who the baby really was, or that there might have been something about how baby Jesus looked. We wondered how we'd recognise Jesus - perhaps we'd recognise him from pictures we've seen in a book, or maybe something about the things he does might tell us. Maybe there might even be a machine that could tell us! Simeon recognised Jesus as a light that shines out into the world. We will all be making and lighting a candle to show Jesus's light. How about you?