Food bank August update

Here is the August update of what we need , as requested by kind supporters of Swanage Food Bank, and at the end I've included a short list of commodities we have excess of at present :


Urgently needed :


* Tinned meats (chicken in sauce, minced beef, stewing steak, Irish stew, etc)

* Tinned cold meats (Spam, corned beef, ham, luncheon meat)

* Tinned pasta in sauce 

* Tinned fruit

*Desserts (jelly, microwave puddings, Angel Delight) and ready-made custard)

* savoury snacks (crisps, Pringles, etc) and crackers (crispbreads, cheese biscuits, etc)

* sweet treats (chocolates, chocolate bars, fruit jellies, Smarties, mixed sweets, etc)

* Long-life fruit juice

* Toilet rolls


Continually needed :


* Shampoo

* Soap, body wash, shower gel

* Antiperspirants (roll on or spray)

* Dog food


Not needed: 

We have large quantities of the following items, so do NOT require :

*Long-life milk

* Tins of soup

* Baked beans

* Egg boxes

* Thin carrier bags which are not 'Bags for Life' quality.


Swanage Food Bank is very grateful for your continuing gifts which help us alleviate food poverty in our town and immediate area. 

Pauline Werba