"Give As You Live" - an article by Paul Baird issued in Church Alive for April

Do you shop online? ‘YES’ – then read on...................

If I told you that there was a simple, safe, and FREE way in which you could carry on shopping just as you do at the moment, but at the same time raise money for the church, wouldn’t that seem an entirely logical thing to do?

For many years, I have used an online channel called “Give as you Live” (GAYL), operated by the company Everyclick. This is an online shopping channel which allows everyone to do their normal shopping (including major stores, holiday/travel/hotel booking sites, Amazon, comparison sites for insurance, utilities, etc.) and for that shopping to generate commission which is passed on to the church.

My reason for choosing this site from the many online shopping sites available is their ethos. GAYL was set up by Polly Gowers OBE who has a great commitment to and understanding of charities.

Using this system, you donate to the church without any cost to yourself because what is passed on is a percentage of the commission paid by the trading company. For example, if you shop with Amazon, after registering with Give as you Live, you will be directed to the Amazon website and make your purchase in exactly the same way as normal, but a percentage of every purchase will be paid by Amazon to the Church – and it costs you nothing: it is a kind of commercial Gift Aid!

Using Give-as-you-live also means you will get good value for money, often accessing special offers from the more than 4,400 participating traders, so actually saving yourself money.

The process is quick and easy: simply go on line

( https://www.giveasyoulive.com/ ), register with Give as you Live, and choose The PCC of Swanage as the charity you wish to support. Once that registration process is completed, every time you shop on line through the GAYL channel, you will be making a donation to the Church.

Thousands of pounds are raised every year via Give as you Live for 10,000

charities across the UK to help fund their individual projects and meet the aims of the charity. Give as you Live will turn a percentage of every penny you spend online into a donation for the Church,


This will only be a worthwhile funding stream if we all get behind it and promote it.

Paul Baird