John & Jane's Blog from the USA...

It is ten days since our last message. We are now on the west coast in San Francisco. So how did we get here? Most importantly we returned to Atlanta to do our washing! A quick flight to Chicago followed. What an interesting place, desperate to shrug off its gangster image of the 1920’s and 30’s. Now a wide boulevarded city with beautiful high rise buildings harking back to the evolution of the sky scraper. It feels like a safe city, going out at night felt comfortable and even the Jazz club Kingston Mines was not at all intimidating.


            Now comes the interesting bit. We joined the California Zephyr for a three day train voyage across the country, 2400 miles give or take. Why 3 days? Because it rarely exceeds 50 mph. A mini cruise regimented by meals, and time in the observation car taking in the immensity of the plains, Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas . Already mountains still capped with last year’s snow were anticipating their new covering,  already it was snowing in Salt Lake City when we passed through at midnight! We made friends knowing full well that we would never meet again. We shared hopes and fears for our countries and for the world. We discovered that the best way to describe Swanage’s position in the UK was to say that it was close to the soccer club Bournemouth!  It was the second night of our journey when I finally discovered the knack of getting into the top bunk of our “roomette.”


            We are now trying to come to terms with city life once more. A visit to the truly graceful Grace Cathedral was a good start to a challenging new day. Today we worshipped in St James, the “St Mark’s” of our worship experience, a pretty, welcoming church with a congregation of 30 or so lovely people. We ticked a box, the Golden Gate Bridge, but only just, because for most of the day it was shrouded in mist. Another day in SFC tomorrow and then into the desert.


With blessings to all

John and Jane.