Lay Ministry Celebration in Salisbury Cathedral

The Order of Service

Bishop Karen spoke of it all beginning with a pencil sharpener!  She and a friend Helene, as young girls were drawn into the Sunday School of her local Church because they responded to a call to help sharpen the coloured pencils for the younger children.  This they did for a few weeks, and she moved on to become a leader and finally to superintend the whole Sunday School by the age of eighteen.  So ministry can start from the smallest of beginnings, as she gave too the example of the lad with his packed lunch, the water at the wedding feast, and the parable of the mustard seed.

We were all left encouraged by the service which was truly uplifting and inspiring, with a good mix of the traditional and the more modern... and our own Lindy Cameron was taking part!  Lindy was asked to help with the administration of Holy Communion with Bishop Karen.  Margaret Chinchen, and maybe some other lay pastoral assistants and worship leaders from Swanage were there too.  Sorry if I missed you!  

Thank you, and may God continue to bless all that you are doing in his name.

John Mann