Lent Course 2021

Swanage Churches Lent Course 2021 - Caring for Creation

The human race is facing its greatest challenge: global warming, leading to climate change. This, along with the damage we have done, and are still doing to the environment, means that we all have to make radical changes to our whole way of life.

The 2021 Coronavirus pandemic continues to have a big impact on all our lives. It has important lessons to teach us about our life together on this planet, especially when we compare it to the greatest challenge of all to life on earth: climate change.

Caring for Creation’ will explore these issues over five sessions:

SESSION 1: The Environment

Focusing on creation, planet earth, the place of human kind in it, and why it is under threat.

SESSION 2: Global Warming and Climate Change.

Some facts and figures about climate change, and why faith in a Creator God should give us hope.

SESSION 3: The Age of Humans – The Anthropocene Era.

How we human beings can still undo some of the terrible damage we have done and are doing to our planet.

SESSION 4: Coming out of Denial and Facing Crisis

Many of us find it hard to face up to the reality of climate change, and make the necessary changes to our lifestyle. We need to understand why this is so, and how our faith can help us.

SESSION 5: Faith, Hope and Love

We urgently need to be clear about our Christian response to the present crisis: it challenges what we believe; it is also about how we can live in hope, and meet the demands of Christian love.

The ‘Caring for Creation’ Lent course will run twice a week for five weeks. Session 1 can be joined via Zoom on Tuesday 23 February at 11am or Wednesday 24 February at 7pm. Nick Viney and James Mercer will be the course leaders.

The Zoom links can be found on the Benefice of St Aldhelm website homepage: https://purbeckhillsbenefice.wordpress.com and the Swanage Churches Together website: https://www.swanagechurches.org

The course booklet, which is highly recommended, can be ordered or downloaded from: https://www.yorkcourses.co.uk

Do let Nick (nickviney@hotmail.com) or James (jamesjmercer@mac.com) know if you are intending to join us - or just check in unannounced, you’ll be most welcome!