Special session of Explore! - Thinking about Mothering Sunday!

Kevin grabs ingredients for his magical cake!

Magical Mothering Sunday preparation in St Mary’s - Saturday 10th March Can you make a cake by magic; choose a card for Mum without seeing it, conjure flowers from an empty bag? Maybe not, but Kevin can! Children and parents, friends and helpers from All Saints and St Mary’s had a fun morning, and helped get ready for Mothering Sunday/Mother’s Day.

Crafts included bookmarks and cards and there was much glitter and card, glue and pens. We also heard of how “a helping hand” is what we can give to our mothers; they give it to us all the time. The Church on Mothering Sunday celebrates the Church’s helping hand too - it’s way of mothering and caring.

Thank you to all those who led the day, cleared and reassembled the north nave area of the Church, and provided everything to make the day a success. And to Kevin….. thanks again! And, do you always make cakes by magic??