St Nicholas' Church, Share & Prayer


On Sunday 26th January we will meet in the Church Hall at 6.30pm for “Prayer and Share”

Everyone is welcome to share each-others company, to share a glass of something and to share how we may pray, both as individuals and together. Here is an alternative version of the Lord’s prayer to inspire fresh awareness of what God wants us to do and where we should be heading.


The Lord's Prayer

Our mother and father

whose presence is all around us,

May your name be sacred.

May your kingdom of love and compassion come.

Give us guidance through life

that heaven may be known on earth.

And give us provision for our daily needs.

Forgive us when we fall short of the demands of love

and betray our deeper selves

as we forgive those who betray us.

And do not ask of us more than we can bear,

But keep us from the harm that would destroy us.

For yours is the Love, the Strength and the Inspiration

of all that is glorious,

Now and for ever. So be it.


From “Wells of Thought” by Rosemary May Wells