Workshop on Climate Change - Saturday 21st September

Swanage Churches

“Keep Calm and Save the World!”

(How to make a positive difference in an over-heating world, without losing your cool)


A half-day workshop exploring creative Christian responses to the climate crisis


Saturday 21st September, 2.00 – 4.30, at All Saint’s Church, Swanage


About the workshop:

This is an emergency. The scale of the climate crisis can be overwhelming, leading to a sense of helplessness and despair.  Those taking action can feel isolated and burnt out. Wherever you are in your response to the climate crisis, this workshop is for you! We will explore some practical actions and how we can find a way of engaging with the environment that is effective and guilt-free but not overwhelming. We will discover some themes from the Bible and Christian thought to resource ourselves as disciples and Churches making a difference in God’s world. We will make connections and find solidarity. Together we will seek out a path of living well in a heating world – a path that is joyful, hopeful and life-giving.


  • To help participants feel informed about the climate emergency and confident about taking action that makes a positive difference
  • To bring Church members, Churches and concerned citizens together, out of which ideas for co-operation will emerge


Target audience: 
  • People concerned about the environment but feeling unsure about what they can do
  • People wanting to know more about the situation
  • Christians wanting to understand the environmental crisis in the light of their faith and the Bible



2.00Welcome & introductions


2.20Why care about the climate? Christian discipleship and the climate crisis

2.55Break (tea etc available)

3.10How to care about the climate. Practical, creative ideas to make a difference – as individuals and as Churches

4.10Reflection and prayer: What is mine to do?



About the speaker:

Alex Mabbs is a minister in the United Reformed Church, based at the Brighthelm Church and Community Centre in Brighton, Sussex. Environmental action is a core element of Brighthelm’s mission. They were the first local church in the UK to divest from fossil fuels, back in 2014. Their latest project, Earth Church, seeks to bring together environmental action and the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. Until this summer, Alex was a trustee of Operation Noah, with a particular focus on the Bright Now divestment campaign. He was a founding member of Brighton Climate Action Network. He has spoken at a number of events, both church and secular. Alex writes an occasional wide-ranging blog at and tweets as @alexmabbs. He enjoys being outdoors and, when indoors, playing guitar, dancing the jive and watching films.