The Wave - March Newsletter

Dear Wave Friends and Supporters in Prayer      

Springtime is here and as new life springs up around us, we can prepare ourselves for the end of the month when we celebrate how eternal life has become possible through Christ! It is a great privilege to share this wonderful news with the young people we are connected with, however, of the 800 young people in Swanage, Richard, Hannah, Berno and a handful of volunteers are only reaching 40 (0.5%) young people through face-to-face interactions. We want to increase our reach through running clubs and we would love for you to join us in this endeavour!

What have we been up to?

Remix | Youth Open Mic Night

The past couple of months have been great seeing Remix develop into a dynamic platform that empowers young musicians. It provides a unique space where self-expression through music is met without judgement. Alongside the young people performing, the house band starts the night up with a few Christian songs to foster a spiritual connection among attendees. We are very proud of cultivating an environment where young people can flourish as musicians and individuals.

This year’s focus is to offer young people the opportunity to showcase their skills at Swanage Carnival. We want to create an opportunity to amplify their voices and talents within the broader community.

Rooted | Youth Club

Rooted creates a space for young people to explore the questions of life and faith in a setting that listens and builds on their experiences. Through playing games, eating toasties, chatting and prayer, young people can grow spiritually within a safe and welcoming place.

Christian Unions (CU) | Secondary School Lunchtime Clubs

Before half term we explored with the young people how the Bible shapes our understanding of God’s character, humanity’s connection to God, and the impact of sin on life. For the second part of the half term we are focusing on how Christ is God, His humanity, and how He restores our connection with God.

The Swanage School CU varies in attendance and engagement. Some weeks are better attended than others. Purbeck School CU is much better attended and growing. There is a good mix of young people from year 9-13 who attend, with the older students engaging every week, and often challenging what we present to them.

Mentoring | 1:1 Support at Schools

Hannah and Richard are both regularly meeting with young people on a weekly basis to provide them with 1:1 support. The Safeguarding Lead at The Swanage School is now Ann-Marie Burr, who previously worked for Dorset Council as the designated Youth Worker for Purbeck. We have a good relationship with her and look forward to working together to support the young people at school.

What are we looking forward too?

*New* Youth Club at Swanage & Herston Football Club

Over the past month Berno has bought equipment for the Football Club to use for the new youth club. The club is for young people aged 14-18 and will start on 21st April, the first Sunday after the Easter holidays. A table football and pool table have arrived and with the help of a few volunteers, Berno set it up ready to be used.

There is still a need for more volunteers to help with the club. A common misconception about the youth club is that it is going to be football related. The aim is to create a safe space for young people to socialise and it is an opportunity for the Church to engage and connect with local young people and families. There will be opportunity to play sports and make use of the kitchen facilities, but the primary aim is to engage with young people in their current stage of life and bring the love and life of Christ to them. Please get in touch with Berno to join in this initiative to show the young people, who are not part of a church community, what the body of Christ is like. You can contact Berno on 07341 300594 or

*In Development* Rock Solid

Hannah is also looking to start a club for children in year 5-8 (9 to 12 years old). As the Church we have the infrastructure to connect, and as Christ’s people, we are the ones who best represent him to those who do not know him. Please get in touch with Hannah if you are able to help our local children to grow in their understanding of the impact that the death and resurrection of Christ has on humanity. You can contact Hannah at

Prayer Points Summary

  • Thank God for how Remix has developed over the years and how it has become a nourishing environment for both the team and young musicians. Pray that the young people can see and pursue the source of what causes Remix to be such a positive environment, which is the gospel of Christ. Pray also that we can help the young people to continue to grow in their talents, that it can lead to them using it for God’s glory.
  • Pray for the spiritual exploration that is taking place at Rooted and CU. Pray for us as we engage with the young people and present the gospel to them, that they can encounter the love of Jesus for themselves. Pray that more young people can engage in these clubs.
  • Pray for Richard, Hannah and Ann-Marie, as they work together to support young people at The Swanage School. Pray that God will give them wisdom and guidance with the conversations taking place.
  • Thank God for the opportunities we have to develop new clubs and ask that God would guide us in how we can make the most of utilising our resources to share the gospel with the younger generations.

If you are not already receiving our prayer letter directly in your inbox, please get in touch with Berno Vierbergen at who can sign you up. We gather the first Thursday of every month at All Saints from 8:30am to share breakfast and pray together. You would be very welcome to join us and find out more about what we get up to!

Our best wishes,

Wave Youth Team: Berno, Hannah and Richard